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This is how we achieve sustainable and cost-effective waste recovery.

Material recovery and Circular economy


Technical and economic feasibility studies


Industrial plant design, installation and commissioning.


Obtaining high added-value products
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Technical and economic feasibility studies.

These studies aim to ascertain the quantity of industrial and urban waste, and its characteristics.

We study the best waste recovery option and possible locations for the industrial plant. Once we have collected these data, we begin the project technical and economic feasibility phase to ensure its profitability and sustainability.

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Industrial Plant design, installation and commissioning.

Once we have verified that the project is technically and economically feasible, our engineers prepare the detailed design of the industrial plant, and projects are developed to obtain permits.

Once approved, the industrial plant is installed, which will be managed and supervised by Greene technicians for at least 15 years.

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Greene circular economy


Obtaining high added-value products.

Once the industrial plant is installed, we begin producing Oils (Agnoil), Calcium Carbonate (Calxand), Biochar (Bioblacc) and Active Carbon (Acsorb).

With our technology we eliminate between 92% and 96% of waste, preventing its disposal in landfill.

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Video presentation

At Greene, we are committed to material waste recovery. Duration 2:44min.

From waste that usually ends up incinerated or in landfill, we obtain products that can be used in various industries to manufacture new products.

We explain how we do it in this video.


Greene circular economy

Corporate Social Responsibility

We promote corporate responsibility by efficiently and ecologically managing waste generated.

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We generate new raw materials from waste that are reintroduced into the market.
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Zero Waste Certificate

Our industrial plants allow you to obtain this accreditiation, which certifies that the end destination of waste is not landfill.

No initial investment

We conduct the economic and technical feasibility study and, if the project meets the necessary parameters, Greene will invest to commission the project.

Greene circular economy

Reduction of waste management expenses

We guarantee the elimination of any waste at a lower economic and environmental cost than disposal in landfill.

Greene circular economy

Control of polluting emissions

Our technology produces a pyrogas with a cleaning and adaptation system that offers great control over emissions, in some cases zero.

Greene circular economy

Greene Technology

Greene Enterprise was founded in 2011 at the initiative of four chemical entrepreneurs from Elche.

The company has developed a novel technology for waste management and recovery, converting it into other products that can be used as a raw material in different industrial processes.

As a result of the material recovery process, up to 96% of waste is eliminated.

In other words, Greene’s technology is an ecological, cost-effective solution for companies or entities that must manage a high quantity of waste and want to be aligned with the circular economy and the Horizon 2030 goals.


Material Waste Recovery: Generating High Added-Value Raw Materials

As we previously indicated, at Greene we develop material waste recovery projects in order to generate new high added-value raw materials.

Our approach is part of the circular economy and the sustainability horizon 2030.

What is Material Waste Recovery?

Material waste recovery is an innovative strategy that aims to transform waste into high-quality raw materials. At Greene, with our comprehensive approach and experience, we work to close the cycle of materials and generate new opportunities for using resources.

The Circular Economy and its Benefits.

The circular economy is based on reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering waste, as opposed to the linear “use and dispose” model. At Greene, we are committed to the principles of the circular economy, seeking to maximise the life cycle of products and minimise their environmental impact.

Our Contribution to the Horizon 2030.

At Greene, our main goal is to contribute to the sustainability horizon 2030.

Through our material waste recovery projects, we promote comprehensive waste management, improving the bottom line of our partners by freezing the waste management price for the next 15 years.

We also generate new raw materials from waste destined for landfill or incineration processes, thus promoting the circular economy.

Our corporate social responsibility drives us to give a second life to waste, mitigating greenhouse gases and obtaining the Zero Waste certificate, in our fight against climate change.

Experts in Material Waste Recovery and the Circular Economy

At Greene, we have a team of highly-qualified specialists in material waste recovery and the circular economy. Our experience in project development allows us to transform waste into high added-value raw materials in a customised and efficient manner.

If you are looking for innovative waste management solutions and want to be part of the circular economy, don’t hesitate in contacting us. Together, we will build a more sustainable future, making the most of available resources.

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