ELT, MSW & Biomass Gasification plants
High-performance gasification plants
Efficient environmental management systems
greene, a responsible company
Why GreenE?
+ Wastes
Removing wastes. Removing organic matter by more than 80% .

Generation of syngas can be transformed into electricity and heat

Minimum investment per MW installed.

We are manufacturers and develop our own technology.

Full range of services to ensure the implementation and operation of the plant

Profitable plants from 0.5 MW
Gasification is a process that converts organic matter into fuel gas. Moreover, during gasification the chemical energy stored in organic matter is turned into chemical energy contained in a gas. Said gas can be used as fuel to obtain energy for engines, gas turbines or boilers..
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We design, manufacture, set up and eventually commission waste or biomass gasification plants.Our gasification plants bring considerable financial benefits and advantages, increasing profitability thanks to the technological improvements implemented by greene..
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