Business model

Greene’s value proposition revolves around 3 cornerstones:

Icon Gasification expense reduction

Comprehensive Waste Management

We improve our partners’ bottom line by freezing the price of waste management for the next 15 years.

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Boosting the Circular Economy

We can generate new raw materials from organic waste that is landfilled or incinerated.

Greene - Gasification - Material Recovery

Corporate Social Responsibility

We give waste a second life, mitigating greenhouse gases, and with the Zero Waste quality seal certification. In short, fighting climate change.

What types of waste do we manage?

Types of waste that are


Recovering waste means optimising its characteristics with reuse, recovery and recycling processes. It also refers to a process that aims to give waste a use.
In the case of GREENE, it is chemical material recovery obtaining various circular products to be reintroduced into the supply chain.

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How can we help you manage your waste if you are a…?

Greene - Gasification - Material Recovery

Public authority

Greene - Gasification - Material Recovery

Water treatment company

Greene - Gasification - Material Recovery

Waste-generating industry

Greene - Gasification - Material Recovery

Waste manager

We help reduce your waste management and energy costs, as well as improve your Corporate Social Responsibility.


We can help you comply with the legal requirements of the Horizon 2030

Ready for change?

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