Greene Enterprise was founded in 2011 at the initiative of four chemical entrepreneurs from Elche.

The company has developed a technology for waste management and recovery, converting it into products that can be used as raw materials in different industrial processes. This is what is known as a material recovery process.

Greene’s technology is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for companies or entities that manage waste and want to be aligned with the Circular Economy and Horizon 2030 goals.

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Backed by major investors

The technological development of what today is Greene Enterprise began in 2003, although the company was not incorporated until 2011. Thanks to financial support from a private investor, the company realised its potential for global roll-out with guaranteed profitability and development. In 2019, after approving its technical and financial due diligence, it received a 20 million euro capital injection from Moira Capital, a corporation specialising in technological business projects, changing Greene’s business modelfrom a technology marketer to managing its own material recovery projects.

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⇑ Historical evolution of Greene Enterprise.
Greene - A Material Recovery Company


Waste management and cost-effective material recovery of all organic waste

Our mission is to install and manage Treatment Plants thanks to an innovative thermal conversion technology. Our technology performs a cost-effective material recovery process on any organic waste with carbon content (municipal solid waste -MSW-, industrial or hospital waste, WWTP sludge, plastics, used tyres, etc.) regardless of its moisture, composition, energy value and morphology.

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Solution for waste management problems

We want to provide a solution to Industrial and Urban Waste Management problems. With this objective, we recover material from waste that would today be dumped in landfill or incinerated.

To achieve this, we invest in the Treatment Plant, eliminating any waste at a lower cost than taking it to landfill, improving the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), promoting the circular economy and being respectful of the environment and the Sustainable Development Goals set by the 2030 Horizon.

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At Greene, we are strengthening our efforts in sustainability by integrating it as a main strategic axis and including it in the entire value chain to generate a positive impact on all our projects and on the planet.

Our roadmap as a leader in waste material recovery focuses on:


Projects that have a positive impact on the environment and people.


Projects that generate value and are committed to the circular economy.


Projects that actively contribute to society and economic development.


New business opportunities based on novel and patented technology.


Greene - A Material Recovery Company


Striving to be the best and achieve our goals.

Greene - A Material Recovery Company


Process for the continuous improvement of our product.

Greene - A Material Recovery Company


With clients, with company staff and with planned objectives.

Greene - Gasification technology


Commitment to the clients and to society.

Greene - Gasification technology


To increase the effectiveness of the results.


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Greene currently partners with technology institutes and we actively participate in several energy recovery industry associations.

Greene - A Material Recovery Company


Greene - A Material Recovery Company

Technology institutes



When Moira acquired a stake in Greene with a 20 million capital injection, we were able to position ourselves on the international market with all the guarantees and evolve our business model from “technology developers and vendors” to be investors in integrated waste management projects, with our own technology, for high waste-generating industries. Moira won us over thanks to its Business Model: they accompany the company’s strategy development by staying long enough to complete the established plan, which should culminate with the company’s IPO.

Human Resources

We present Greene’s human capital so you can get to know us better…

Juan José Samaniego

Founder and CEO

Enrique Aráez

Founder and COO

Juan Manuel Martínez

Founder and Business Development Director

Jesús Martínez

Founder and CSO

Jesús Fabra Maciá

Chief Compliance Officer - CCO

Vicente Centelles Forner

Organisation, HR & ITC

Antonio Juárez


Contact Information

+34 965 999 929

C/ Martin y Soler, 18. Pta. 6. Elche Parque Industrial 03203. Alicante. SPAIN

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