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Greene contributes to the circular economcy and zero waste policy by designing and manufacturing plants to recover waste by pyrolysis and gasification, producing high-value chemical products such as pyrolytic oils, biochar, active biocarbons, calcium carbonate and more.

We have a firm commitment to ESG policies (Enviromental, Social and Governance), have active quality, health and safety, and compliance plans in place, and are working on ISO quality, environment and health and safety certificates.

Offer code
Recovery plants: VL
Indefinite contracts: CP
Internships: PR

8 Principles

Obtaining results

Learning, continuous improvement and innovating

Personal leadership

Integrity and honesty

Influence and teamwork

Global vision

Hiring and developing the best

The best place to work

Advantages of working at Greene



We work in a key, fast-growing sector

In other words, the green transition, circular economy, zero landfill, etc.


Flexible working hours

Adapt your hours to your family circumstances and personal preferences.


Advanced pay day

So you can always make ends meet.


Professional development

We develop cutting-edge technology and are continuously learning, researching and testing. We use the most advanced work tools.



It’s always well stocked!

Most in-demand profiles

We are a technology-based company with a strong emphasis on research and development, engineering, manufacturing, construction and start-up.

We need staff for all our departments, but especially with the following qualifications

greene work with us mechanical engineers 1

Mechanical Engineers

greene work with us industrial engineers 3

Industrial Engineers

greene work with us chemical engineers 2

Chemical Engineers

greene work with use computer engineers 4

Computer Engineers

Plant, Piping, P&ID Engineers

Mechanical Design Engineers

Manufacturing, Construction, Assembly and Commissioning Supervisors

Data Scientists

Computer Engineers



Offers for experienced professionals

We are continuously growing and looking for a balanced team of experienced professionals and young talent.

We are looking for professionals for both our headquarters in Elche and our Valogreene subsidiary recovery plants spread all across the country.

Offer code

Recovery plants: VL
Indefinite Contracts: CP

work with us

Greene Experience

New programme for recent graduates.

We offer a 6-month training contract with the possibility of renewal for professionals who have recently graduated and have no experience in the sector.

We offer an individual training plan throughout the contract and a tutor for guidance.

The professional will benefit from all the advantages of belonging to Greene (see section on the 5 advantages)

Join us and become part of this great team!


When the contract ends, the professional may be hired if there is a vacancy available. If not, we will save the contact details in our database.

Greene Experience Offer Code : PR

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Internship Offer

We have an extensive internship programme offering 26 different internships.

We have interns in all departments and from many degree programmes.

What we offer (in addition to the 5 advantages of working at Greene):

  • Practical training for all our students.
  • In-house tutor to guide and support students in their duties.
  • Possibility of completing their final degree project/master’s thesis at the company.
  • Competitive remuneration.

Our internship plan focuses on developing new talent, which is why many of our interns become contract employees.

We are growing very rapidly and each year the number of students hired is increasing.

Greene Experience Offer Code : PR

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