Integrated Management System Policy

Quality, Safety and Environment

Greene Enterprise S.L specialises in recovering waste material as part of the circular economy, in other words, our goal is to transform waste destined for landfill into new products and reintroduce them onto the market.

We promote more sustainable management of non-recyclable waste to minimise impact on people and the planet with three commitments:

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This is the foundation of our activity based on more sustainable management of non-recyclable waste to minimise impact on people and the planet.

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Clients and Society

Maintain processes adapted to applicable regulations in force, demonstrating that it is possible to combine business development with Quality, Respect for the Environment, and Employee Health and Safety.

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Integrated Management System

Senior management wishes to convey the importance of properly understanding, implementing and constantly updating the Integrated Management System, providing the necessary resources for its evolution and development.

The Scope of the Integrated Management System includes:

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Greene - Gasification - Material Recovery


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Occupational Safety

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Occupational Health

The Principles and Commitments of our Integrated Policy are:


Client Satisfaction

An essential, permanent and priority objective in order to promote stable and lasting relationships.


Environmental Protection

Minimising the environmental impact of our activities, with special emphasis on Preventing Pollution by properly managing waste generated and controlling the environmental and energy aspects associated with our activity.


High level of occupational Health and Safety

Undertaking the commitment to achieve a high level of occupational Health and Safety, ensuring that Occupational Risk Prevention is integrated in the company’s activities and decisions, at all levels. Occupational risk prevention is a management function for all managers, at all levels of the hierarchy, showing the same dedication and commitment devoted to the other activities delegated to the manager.


Compliance with Current Legislation

Together with regulations and agreements related to the Integrated Management System and its corresponding areas, as well as other Requirements to which the organisation voluntarily adheres.


Commitment to Continuous Improvement

In company IMS Management, as well as Performance.


Providing the Necessary Resources

Undertaking the commitment to achieve the objectives and goals established in the IMS, as well as ensuring the availability of the necessary information to achieve them.


Promoting Consultation and Participation

In employees, as well as the Training and Information they need to develop their activity, in the different areas falling under the scope of the Integrated Management System.


Training and awareness

With training and awareness-raising activities for employees, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders.


Fostering a committed attitude among suppliers

With the environment and Occupational Health and Safety, working in a relationship of mutual cooperation with companies that wish to improve their environmental and occupational safety performance.

All company are responsible for complying with and following the principles of this Policy, and for establishing and maintaining good environmental and Occupational Health and Safety practices. The company’s best practices are backed by Greene Enterprise S.L. Senior Management, who provide support for compliance.

The Company Policy will be reviewed periodically in order to maintain its effectiveness and adapt to changes in the environment, requiring the collaboration of each and every Greene Enterprise S.L. employee.

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